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The design and installation of shower bases at Shower Base Guys offer you the desired quality and standards. We have well trained experts who will undertake efficient services for your shower base so that you get satisfied and recover from your investment. You can count on us to deliver on our promises. Shower, also called shower pans, shower floors as well as shower trays are exquisitely designed for your home owner shower. There is a wide pool of shower bases to select from. Examples include gelcoat, acrylic and pre-leveled varieties. Our experts are familiar with all these design and will therefore go ahead in ensuring that you get the design that suits your shower. At the end of the day, it is your time, effort and money that count. You will be guaranteed of making the most out your investment in our outstanding designs. Contact us on 888-670-2259 and compare notes with our experts so that all the specific needs that you will have are included in the final decision. You will also receive free advice and expert evaluation based on the decision you take for your shower base.


Tailor-made Fireplace Services

At Shower Base Guys, we literally cut your coat according to your cloth. In other words, we specially design and deliver a custom shower base to you based on the parameters that you give. Of course the input from our knowledgeable experts will come handy at this junction. The budget you have will also be factored to ensure that you get shower bases that you can afford. Whether you need a shower base for home use or for a commercial undertaking, you will find our services quite flexible. We are alive to the fact that there is dynamism in the shower design industry and hence are accommodative on the requirements for contemporary, classic or modern looking shower designs. To this end, there are a number of issues we take seriously as provided here in bullet points.



Are you happy with the way our personnel conduct themselves? Drunken behavior, use of an intoxicant, disorderly behavior or any other unacceptable behavior is not our trade. We do not tolerate any behavior unbecoming from our personnel. In case such behaviors are exhibited by our technicians, let us know and we will offer you free service. You can however count on us to have professionals carry out the installation.

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Repair work is usually an important undertaking for any installation since any accessory is subject to repair at a given time. We have a warranty in all our repair work so that our dissatisfied customers can demand better service. If you are not happy with the kind of repair carried out in the installation of the shower base, contact us on 888-670-2259 and have the repair work repeated to your satisfaction.

Replacement install

Replacement install is the kind of work carried out if the installed parts fail to function as per the specifications. It is normal sometimes for fault to happen in any of the accessories that we provide, in and a case; you will be entitled to a repeat of the replacement service at no extra cost. Alternatively, you can demand a refund for the money you paid for the work, which you will be refunded without any delay.

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